Covid 19 - Update

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Stronger families.
Brighter futures.

We empower parents to shape their children’s futures.


A House in Austin is a home base for a community of parenting support serving families on Chicago’s west side. We were founded on a simple idea: every family, every child deserves the same opportunities for high-quality early learning, nurturing support, and parent education.

Our home at 533 N. Pine Ave. in Chicago will be a safe space where parents can explore the pathways of programming. The house contains a parent meeting room, Discovery Studio for kids to explore, a Music Studio, 2 therapy rooms, a therapy playroom, and a full kitchen. With the house, we will be able to expand our programming to include additional parent groups, nutrition classes, and open play. Additionally, there will be more opportunities for evening programming. We are looking forward to using the space to partner with community organizations, which will allow families to receive therapy and early intervention services within the safe environment of the house.

Our doors are open, and we are working to expand the number of families we serve.

Love like #Yourfamilyismyfamily
Starting March 1st we will resume in person programming for parent chat, music class, and my fresh table.
Due to COVID, programming will be limited to 5 families. Taking all precautions, each family must fill out a COVID questionnaire and take a temp check.
Please message us if you are interested in joining in or learning more about our programs.
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Nurturing bonds and expanding minds

We provide vital parenting tools, programs, and people to nurture and spark parent and child well being for families on the west side of Chicago. Our mission is to nurture secure bonds for healthy families and bright futures.

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Facing challenges in Austin with optimism.

We believe every child, every family, in every zip code, deserves the same possibility for health and success. A House in Austin addresses obstacles with opportunities.

Our holistic, two-generational approach promotes emotionally-responsive parenting.

How we help

We provide vital parent education programs, high-quality early-learning classes, and nurturing support that gives parents the confidence and tools to be strong advocates for their child.

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A two-generational approach to brighter futures.

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Love like #yourfamilyismyfamily

Your donation can make a lasting positive impact on families.