Nurture. Educate. Support.

A two-generational approach to long-term success.

Tailored to the needs of the community

A two-generational approach addresses the needs of parents and children to improve outcomes for the whole family.

Parent-Child Music Classes
  • strengthen bonds for healthy relationships
  • increase early language and literacy skills
  • foster community so families are supported and nurtured
Parent Chat Hour
  • teaches parents the latest methods
  • provides a community of peers
  • empowers parents to be their children's best teachers in life
Home Visiting Program
  • provides weekly one-on-one, in-home support
  • establishes tools to create and sustain positive relationships
  • creates a foundation in environments at home

“I’ve learned singing with my child is a great way to communicate and learn new words. As a new mom, I am learning to communicate very well with my child with the parenting classes.”

Partnerships for relevant curriculum

Working together to shape our curriculum and therapeutic approaches:

  • Children's Research Triangle
  • Early Intervention
  • Child and Family Connections #9

Structured to create a foundation for success

A House in Austin’s services are structured to build future success.

Mindful parenting creates loving bonds and positive experiences. AHIA gives families the gift of future positive relationships, academic success, and overall well being.

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